About the Forum

II International IT Forum

«Information technology, security and data as service – new model for business»

We welcome to the IT Forum:

- IT Directors (CIO)
- IT, data management and cybersecurity specialists
- TOP-managers from oil and gas sector, akimats, industrial holdings,
universities and all organizations dealing with improvement of efficiency and competitiveness

What people say about the Forum

«Role of IT-sector has significantly changes within recent years: if it used to be support and convenience functions, now IT sector gives companies a competitive advantage and business-value, and consequently every company should develop IT»

Mary Mesaglio

Research Vice President with Gartner's CIO research team

What people say about the Forum

One of the advantages of Kazakhstan in the region is that country is ready to adhere to the global standards and to accept practices from the whole world.

Ron Lewin

Founder and Managing Director of TerraLinkTechnologies

What people say about the Forum

«Aim of the Forum is to officially announce philosophy of the Transformation program in technologies block»

David Tuganov

Head of the IT block in Central transformation team, «Samruk-Kazyna» JSC

What people say about the Forum

It was a pleasant surprise to see atmosphere of interest and desire to learn more about modern technologies. Positive atmosphere of experience and knowledge exchange.

Mariya Vozhegova

CEO Executive partner, Gartner RUS

IT Forum - is:



The main aim of the Forum's organizers is to make it extremely useful for the participants. Speakers while sharing their personal cases will ask the audience a very important question: «And what can you borrow from my experience to improve your practices?». Thus focusing attention of the participants not only on acquiring knowledge, information about new products, but also on implementing these new stuff into real environment after the Forum.


By choosing their individual program of attending all three sections of the Forum, participants can form their systematic vision of overall IT sector. Moreover, topic of the Forum «IT in business» draws up selection of speakers, who will cover key issues of interaction between IT sector and business in their speeches. This gives a picture with a bird's eye view, which demonstrates place of IT in the overall system of the company.


Who said that IT is boring? We would know how much drive, fun and easiness can be found in IT profession. Big variety of exciting activities during the forum, and during the brakes will help to digest information acquired during the workshops delivered by leading speakers.

Special guests of the Forum
Foreign and local experts
Key players of the IT-market

Background: The first IT Forum was held on July 8, 2015.